12 Cute Animal Birthday Cards That Will Make Anyone Smile

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If you’re looking for the cutest birthday cards for a friend, a loved one, your spouse, or really anyone- you can’t go wrong with a cute animal birthday card!
If you want to find cute animal birthday cards, one of the best place to find them is on Etsy- the online market for handmade creations.
Designers and illustrators from all over the world- making their animal birthday cards available to you using trusted printing companies, or with home printing their cards- in the highest of qualities!
Ready to discover them?

12 Cute Animal Birthday Cards from Etsy:

#1 – Cute Llama pun Birthday Card

Isn’t this Llama birthday card just the cutest??
With a sweet pun for “sound the alarm” – This special llama birthday card come sin so many llama-colors, for guys, girls, and the LGBT community!
We found it on SquirrelScribbles Etsy shop, designed by the talented Jasmin!


See this card on SquirrelScribbles Etsy shop

#2- The perfect Unicorn Birthday Card for a coworker

Looking for a super cool birthday card for a coworker? Sherri’s got you covered!
We found this epic unicorn birthday card for a coworker in her shop SnarkiePanda. and we love it! It’s the best way to help a coworker celebrate their birthday- with a birthday card that shows just how much you value their inner unicorn!

Funny Coworker Birthday Card, Gift For Work Friend, Unicorn Pole Dancing

See this card on SnarkiePanda Etsy shop

#3 – Well done for being born- Cute cat Birthday Card

Love cats? We got just the perfect birthday card for you!
This cute snuggly Cat birthday card is simple and perfect!
Well done for being born- now rub my belly- a sweet cat illustration greeting card for birthday, with a fun twist!
(Your cat loving friends would love it, and hey- you might just get a belly rub!)
Made by the talented Ruth, owner of Ruthdraws Etsy shop!

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See this card on Ruthdraws Etsy shop

#4 – Cute Otter Birthday Card for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

This cute otter birthday card is the sweetest pun birthday card for your other half! It’s the amazing work of graphic designer Katie, owner of DandySloth Etsy shop!


See this card on DandySloth Etsy shop

#5- The greatest of All Time Birthday Card

Alyssa, the designer behind GreyStreetPaper Etsy shop, has made this sweet Goat birthday card- using the word goat as an abbreviation to the phrase- Greatest of All Times- and we adore it!
It’s a sweet animal birthday card you can give to anyone who loves animals- and word games!

GOAT Birthday Card (G.O.A.T. Greatest of All Time)

See this card on GreyStreetPaper Etsy shop

#6 – A Beary Happy Birthday Card

Have yourself a BEARY happy birthday with this sweet bear birthday card designed by Kacey, owner of MudsplashStudios Etsy shop.
This sweet animal birthday card is just like a bear- huggable!
It’s a great pun birthday card for people who love animals and word-play!

Bear Birthday Card - Kids Birthday Card | Bear Card | Animal Birthday Card | Cute Birthday Card | Birthday Pie

See this card on MudsplashStudios Etsy shop

#7- Age is Irrelephant – Pun birthday card

For that friend who hates growing up, for that friend who just turned 30, 40 or 50… Age is irrelevant pun greeting card with a sweet elephant design!
This cute elephant birthday card is another Jasmin creation, from the shop SquirrelScribbles, a truly wonderful place to find animal birthday cards, and any kind of cards really!

Age is Irrelephant! | Cute Elephant Birthday Card | Funny Birthday Card | Card For Friend | Elephant Card | Funny Age Card | Elephant Lovers

See this card on SquirrelScribbles Etsy shop

#8 – Party like an animal Raccoon Birthday Card

We just love this sweet Raccoon birthday card made by Amy, the designer behind Etsy shop WildCanaryStudio. This special birthday card has the perfect birthday message to your friend-
Party like an animal, Stay up late, and eat garbage! Just like a raccoon!

Raccoon Greeting Card Party Like an animal. Stay up late and eat garbage | Birthday Card | Watercolor Card | Funny Card | Raccoon birthday

See this card on WildCanaryStudio Etsy shop

#9 – Birthday Card for 40th birthday!

Remember the cool unicorn coworking birthday card by Sherri we posted just above? Well, this artist has more coming up her sleeve,with the same unique design of Unicron VS regular horses- but for people celebrating their 40th birthday!
Show your friends and loved ones that they still GOT IT GOING ON with this unique unicorn 40th birthday card!

40th Birthday Funny Card For Women, Unicorn Pole Dancer, Personalized Custom Greeting Card, Other 40 Year Olds You, READY TO SHIP

See this card on SnarkiePanda Etsy shop

#10 – Kuala Birthday Card- Quality Birthday Pun cards

Another sweet Animal pun birthday card by Katie from DandySloth, a special QUALITY birthday card- Kuala Tea (with a koala drinking tea!)
We just love this special animal birthday card for anyone who would love to enjoy a simple quality calm birthday with friends & family!

Have A Koala Tea Quality Birthday - Funny Birthday Card, Animal Pun Joke, For Him, For Her, Brother, Sister, Friend, Happy Birthday - KB081

See this card on DandySloth Etsy shop

#11 – Happy Bear Day card for Birthday

Bears appear on so many happy birthday greeting cards, simply cause the word bear sounds so much like BIRTH!
So, for an animal loving friend, get this special animal birthday card- Happy Bear Day!
Made by Catherine, from CatherineDoArt Etsy shop!

Happy Bear Day * Screen Printed Birthday Card * Designed and Printed in the UK * Jelly Armchair * Humour Pun Nature Animal *

See this card on CatherineDoArt Etsy shop

#12 – Pug in Bee costume Animal Birthday Card

Last but not least, we got this sweet BEEday greeting card- a birthday card printable of a pug in a bee costume!
This unique printable birthday card was made by Charlotte, owner of CharlieJanePaperCo Etsy shop, and once you purchase it- you just download it to your computer and print it at home!

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See this card on CharlieJanePaperCo Etsy shop

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