4 Printable Easter Cards – Easter Bunny Card

4 Printable Easter Cards - Easter Bunny Card

Easter is almost here, symbolizing the beginning of the spring, and the time to wish people to bloom like the flowers outside,and be happy and joyful!
Like any other major holiday, Easter holiday 2020 is a time for gift giving, hugs, and Easter greeting cards!
The most popular cards being- Easter bunny cards!

When is Easter 2020?

Easter in the US and in the UK are both celebrated this year on Sunday, April 12.
On top of the general April 12th date, a lot of people who want to know when is Easter 2020 are looking for good friday and the Easter Monday bank holiday… Since Easter 2020 is on April 12, Good Friday for Easter 2020 is on April 10th, and Easter Monday bank holiday 2020 is on April 13th.

printable easter card happy easter illustration cards bunny

Easter Bunny Card – the most popular Easter card ideas

Some of the cutest Easter greeting card ideas contain the Easter bunny, and Easter bunny cards are on the rise now- with people all over the world looking for the perfect Easter bunny card – printable & physical.
We got some cuteness headed your way with 4 Easter bunny card printable- printable Easter cards you can print at your home printer!
If you are looking for some special handmade Easter bunny cards- check out our post – Handmade Easter Bunny Card Designs- Easter Card Ideas

Printable Easter Bunny Cards

Our editor, Mey Aroyo, made some cute bunny illustrations for Easter 2020 greeting cards- those are printable Easter bunny cards you can print at home! Illustrating a cute bunny, and the Happy Easter banner in 2 colors- green & Purple.
Check out the green Happy Easter bunny card, with a delicate feel:

printable happy easter cards on etsy bunny cards for easter

The second design made as an Easter card idea with a cute bunny, is the Purple Happy Easter banner card with the same cute original bunny illustration. Printed on an A4 printer paper, this card is ready to be cut & folded, to feature the front and back sides of the card this way:

Printable Easter bunny card layout:

In order to get you a beautiful 5X7 inch Easter bunny card, when you get these printable Easter cards, they will arrive in the following layout:

green text happy easter card with bunny printable easter cards

Notice the margin guidelines? Print this card on an A4 printer paper at home, cut it along the lines, and fold it in the middle. This printable Easter bunny card layout can also be seen in this Easter card idea with the purple banner:

purple bunny easter card printable happy easter cards with bunny

The Easter… Penguin??

The penguin, one of earth’s cutest animals, also wanted to be a part of this Easter celebration- so what if he’s not a bunny?
A cute illustration of a penguin with bunny ears- holding a sign, is also on our printable Easter cards- a unique Easter bunny card to make the people you love smile!

may your happiness bloom easter wish card printable easter cards

May your happiness bloom all year long- Easter wishes card!

This sweet card features a lovely Easter greeting on the front, held by our Easter penguin, and on the back, a simple Easter message- Happy Easter My Dear. You can see how this printable Easter card looks like here:

happy easter printable card bunny ears cards printables

Another possible layout for this Easter penguin-bunny card, is this cute layout, where the penguin is holding a Happy Easter sign, and on the back of the card you have this Easter Greeting:
I hope Easter brings you as many smiles as you bring others!

easter smiles card printable easter cards easter wishes

If you want to get these sweet Easter Bunny Card Printables- go to our Etsy shop’s section of Printable Easter Cards !
Or check out our post Handmade Easter Bunny Card Designs- Easter Card Ideas to get one of a kind unique Easter card ideas!

Happy Easter <3

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