8 Best Sorry Pun Cards from Etsy

Sorry For Being So Extra Avocado Greeting Card

There’s no better way to say I’m sorry than with a funny humoristic pun greeting card!
I’m sorry pun cards are such a huge thing on Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, simply cause you’ll find so many different graphic designers and artists with the most creative ideas!
We’ve gathered some of the funniest sorry pun cards from Etsy- for you to choose from for your next need-to-apology time!

8 best I’m sorry PUN cards:

#1 – Sorry of Benedict Lately pun card

This cool sorry pun card is a pun on being a d!ck… Sorry I’ve benedict lately- designed by the talented graphic designers of TinyGangDesigns Etsy shop!
The design is simple, kawaii style food related pun card- that we hope anyone who’ll get it- will forgive you for being a d!ck!

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See this card on TinyGangDesigns Etsy shop

#2 – Sorry I Overy-acted pun card

A uniquely designed sorry pun card by YeaOhGreetings Etsy shop, is trule one we haven’t seen before!
We;ve seen the avocadoes, the food kawaii designs, bears, monkeys, and so many others, but creating a sorry pun card from Ovaries? Brilliant move!

Sorry Card, Funny Greeting Card, Puns, Pun Cards, Greeting Card Puns, Sorry Greeting Card, Greeting Cards, Vagina - “Sorry I Ovary-acted”

See this card on YeaOhGreetings Etsy shop

#3 – Sorry I’ve been a turtle fool pun card

The Britt couple behind LantherBlack Etsy shop have made this awesome I’m sorry pun card – I’m sorry I’ve been a total fool- switching total with turtle.
It’s an even square sorry pun card, with a beautiful watercolor illustration of a sad turtle!

Sorry card / I'm sorry card / Apology card / Cute sorry card / Funny sorry card / Turtle card / CT19

See this card on LantherBlack Etsy shop

#4 – Thanks for Pudding up with me Sorry pun card

Is this card brilliant or what?
A cute kawaii desert sorry pun card, on the phrase Thanks for putting up with me- with PUDDING!
This funny sorry card was made by Carl, owner of TwistedRainbowCards Etsy shop. A shop that only started earlier on this year- and already sold over 170 greeting cards!

Thanks for Pudding up with me, Anniversary card, Funny Valentines Card, Pun Card, Sorry Card, Card for Girlfriend, Funny card for boyfriend

See this card on TwistedRainbowCards Etsy shop

#5 – Food Sorry Greeting card with a pun

Natalie, the designer behind beeisforbear Etsy shop, has created this unique I’m sorry pun card, with one of our favorite fruits- An avocado!
A cute Kawaii avocado apologizing to a tortilla for being so Extra!!
We really loved this sorry pun card, especially cause this seller has over 8000 sales- and is one of the most trusted greeting card sellers on Etsy!

Sorry For Being So Extra Avocado Greeting Card

See this card on beeisforbear Etsy shop

#6 – Sorry for being a Cock pun card

Made on recycled paper, and printed in the UK, this cute sorry pun card with a painting of a rooster (COCK), is a beautiful greeting card from HariandFox Etsy shop, owned by Erin, who also designed this beautiful card!

Sorry / Animal pun / funny card / Sorry for being a Cock

See this card on HariandFox Etsy shop

#7 –Sorry I was such a TOOL pun card

Australian Morgain is one talented and creative designer, with over 12K items sold from her printable shop on Etsy!
What caught our attention in her shop, PennyLaneStationery, was this cute sorry pun card- Sorry I was such a tool!
This is a printable card! Meaning- you purchase it, download it, and print it at home! After it’s printed, you get a page that you can cut inside, along the lines, and fold.
So, technically, you can apologize for being a tool- 5 minutes from now!

Sorry I was such a tool, Wrench, Apologise, Apology Card, Greeting Card, Silly, Punny, Pun, Printable, Cute, Cheesy, Sweet, Instant Download

See this card on PennyLaneStationery Etsy shop

#8 – Sorry for being a HOLE pun card

Canadian designer Jerri, is creating beautiful pun cards using food and gardening jokes- and we love it!
This sorry pun card was our favorite from his shop, BarkandRoots, as well… Everybody loves doughnuts!
So, if you’ve been an ASH-hole to someone- here’s a sweet way to apologize for it!

Greeting Card - Sorry For Being A Hole

See this card on BarkandRoots Etsy shop

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