9 Messages for good luck cards

9 Messages for good luck cards what to write in a card

Writing a good luck card might be harder than you think… So- we gathered some super cute messages for good luck cards for you to use on your next greeting card writing.

  1. Every project you start- ends up golden! No doubt this will too! Good luck!
  2. Best of luck doing what you love !
  3. Good luck- not cause you need it, but because it can’t hurt!
  4. We all need a little luck on our side sometimes!
  5. Success is a matter of timing… Good luck making this YOUR time!
  6. Best luck goes to the best people! (So, I think you’ll do just fine…)
  7. Luck is coming your way, you’ll see.
  8. Good luck follows good deeds… Be your best self- and the best will come to you!
  9. Are you ready to be so LUCKY?

You can use these messages for good luck cards on the outside of your greeting card!
As they are short, take your time with writing them in a beautiful designed fashion, a little bit of calligraphy- goes a long way!

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