About TGO

Welcome to The Greeting Owl- a blog dedicated to everything you can write on a card to someone you love (or hate, we’re not judging).
We are proudly owned by online freelancer Maya Mey Aroyo, owner of Maple Simple, and the leader of the team of writers and graphics designers behind The Greeting Owl.

The Greeting Owl is managed and promoted by a team or designers, content writers, trend finders, and social media managers- who take part in a mentorship program led by Maya, with changing interns, studying various online trades, and “practicing” on The Greeting Owl, in order to later on open their own businesses, in marketing, content writing, and even designing interesting greeting cards.

What you’ll find here:

On The Greeting Owl you’ll find several types of posts, all around the topic of greeting cards.
We write a lot of blog posts recommending unique and creative birthday cards, Anniversary cards, thank you cards, i’m sorry cards, etc- both physical and printable.
One of our favorite places to find unique handmade greeting cards, or printable greeting cards, is Etsy! The online market for handmade goods is a home to so many talented graphic designers, and we are proud to feature them here.

We love DIY!

If you’re looking to make your own greeting cards, you’re gonna love our DIY areas! Filled with unique printable cards, as well as the BEST GREETING CARD DIY TUTORIALS from Youtube, you’ll find hours of fun waiting for you in our pages!
When we find a good Greeting card DIY tutorial from Youtube, we like to search for the items the crafter was using, or similar items, usually on cheap websites like Ali Express, so you’d have access to affordable greeting card making tools, like professional calligraphy pens, card stock papers, washi tape, craft paper, and so much more!

What to write in a card

If you’re looking for creative ideas on what to write on a greeting card for your girlfriend, what to write in a get well card to a coworker, greeting card message ideas for an anniversary, and more unique ideas- we have a full category dedicated to What to write on a card!
Funny, romantic, sarcastic, heartfelt, we have it all!

The Greeting Owl Printable Shop on ETSY

As a part of getting into the vibe of greeting cards, while creating The Greeting Owl blog, Maya decided to use some of her more successful illustrations to create several collections of printable greeting cards, to be printed on A4 simple printer paper (or A4 thicker card stock paper), cut along the inner lines, and folded into a 5″X7″ greeting card!
You can check out our shop on Etsy- The Greeting Owl Etsy Store.

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