Animal Love Puns – Printable Anniversary Cards with Owl Puns

owlways love you owl greeting card for husband anniversary card for wife to print

If you’re looking for a sweet anniversary card- you can’t get sweeter than cute owls saying I will Owl-ways love you!
Our editor, Mey Aroyo, designed 3 unique Owl pun cards for anniversaries that will simply make your heart melt!
Animal love puns have been a huge success in the greeting card industry cause they are cute, funny and lovable – at the same time… Making animal love puns the best anniversary card ideas!

Original illustration Owl pun cards for anniversary

Like any good printable anniversary card – it starts with an idea!
This cute Owl anniversary card was drawn in the morning, free hand drawing on a piece of paper, later to be digitize to be a cute animal love puns card for anniversary!

owlways love you animal pun cards anniversary card ideas animal love puns

After the initial anniversary card idea was design, it was digitized – creating a graphic illustration of the same owl- in different colors.
Mey also digitized her own handwriting, in a circle surrounding the owl illustration for these anniversary animal love puns cards.
From these owl colors were made- 3 anniversary cards with the message – I will Owl-Ways love you!

Animal love puns – Owl anniversary cards

These 2 cute owl pun cards, featuring a yellow owl and a blue owl are great as anniversary cards for husband, anniversary cards for wife, for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or even just as love cards for your friends or family- without any special occasion needed!

always love you greeting card for wife owl greeting cards

Printable anniversary cards with owl puns

The cards were designed to be printable anniversary cards! That means, that once you get them you don’t wait 2-3 weeks for them to be delivered by the post office, but rather receive their files online- to download and print at home!
Since we wanted you to be able to use your own home printer, with an A4 printer paper, or an A4 thicker craft paper, these owl pun cards for anniversary were designed to be cut inside the paper- and folded!
The margins of these anniversary owl cards were digitally drawn on the paper- and following these lines, cutting and folding the anniversary card- you get a 5X7 inch greeting love card – to fit any standard greeting card envelope!

Check out the layout of these two animal love puns – greeting cards for anniversary:

owl pun cards printable owl cards for husband

As you can see, when you print these animal love pun cards, you have the right side of the page with the owl pun and design, that’s the front of your folded card, and the other side is blank, to write who it’s from, containing a small The Greeting Owl logo- in matching colors!

anniversary cards for husband printable owl pun cards

Animal love puns are truly the cutest for your anniversary card ideas, and they are even cuter when there are 2 animals on them!

Animal love puns cards- 2 owls in love

There was another printable anniversary card designed, with not 1 – but 2 owls, and the same text of I will Owl-ways love you!
Made from a purple owl and a green owl, this is truly the cutest anniversary card printable on Etsy:

i will always love you greeting card owl illustration cards owl pun cards for her
2 owls in love owl greeting card anniversary owls cards

If you want to get these cute anniversary card printable to your husband or wife- simply visit our Etsy shop- The Greeting Owl, for these printable anniversary cards with animal love puns, or other printable card ideas!

owls in love anniversary cards cute animal cards for husband printables

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