Cards to wish a Colleague Good Luck on their New Job

good luck finding better colleagues than us new job angry card funny new job cards

There are so many good luck cards for a friend who got a new job… But what if that friend getting this new job means that they are “leaving” you?
If your Colleague got a new job, and is leaving the one you have together, there are actually several good luck on your new job cards that might crack out a laughter or two, while sarcastically hating their guts <3

Good luck cards for Traitors:

ForCardsSake has made a unique greeting card, a good luck card for a coworker who found another job, that is both greeting and hating at the same time… And we love it! (click here to get it)

good luck cards for a coworker good luck cards for new job

DigitalDisko took things to the next level, with a good luck in your new job card, that comes with a traitor badge! (get this good luck card here)

good luck on your new job card traitor coworker leaving

Good luck finding people better than us- passive aggressive cards!

SixElevenCreations are going totally passive aggressive with their good luck on your new job cards- and we love it! Cause, you know, you’ll never find colleagues that are better than the ones who will buy you this card! (check out the card in the seller’s shop)

good luck finding better colleagues than us new job angry card funny new job cards

SmartCaseDesign also made this point, on a single black over white card, with a touch of red (and free UK shipping!)
(Check out their card here)

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Don’t Leave me!!!

Let’s be honest- a colleagues leaving is never an easy thing… Especially, in the way that HandmadebySwans phrased it- who’s gonna make the tea now??? (Check out this card here)

New Job Card, Coworker card Leaving, Good Luck, Goodbye Leaving Job, Funny Card, Joke card, Colleague Leaving, Banter card,Congrats New Job

The same Etsy shop also designed this cute card that simply says- PLEASE don’t leave me in this shithole! (and you can see it here!)

Funny Colleague Leaving Card Coworker card banter card Good Luck Congrats New Job Leaving Funny Card Humour bon voyage


Another great new job for a coworker card by ForCardsSake is our ultimate favorite… It has the truest, more sincere message… You’re dead to us, we hope you fail! A great good luck on your new job card- to give a coworker from everyone in the office!
(and you can get it here)

youre dead to us new job card for a coworker

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