Cute Birthday Card DIY with Washi Tape

3d washi tape birthday card diy

If you really want to get creative with your Birthday Cards, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the best birthday cards, or be this amazing crafter! All you need is a short DIY, and some washi tape- to make the most creative and LUX looking birthday card!

happy birthday diy greeting card with blue washi tape

What is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is one of the greatest things invented for the crafting community! Available in so many forms, sizes & textures, washi tape is a long roll of simple tape in different colors!
While washi tape can be extremely expensive in shops like Walmart, or small craft supply shops, if you order it straight from it’s manufacturer in China- you could get amazing deals, including several washi tapes, for less than $3!

How to use Washi Tapes in greeting card making?

There are many ways in which you can combine washi tapes in your greeting card DIYs!
You can make your own greeting cards using washi tape as a frame for the card, as an inner frame for the card’s main message (Happy Birthday, for example), or use several colors of washi tape to create a 3D background for your greeting card- while placing another piece of smaller card on top of it with your birthday or best wishes message!

Jumpy Jess Washi Tape birthday card DIY tutorial

We went out searching for the best Birthday card DIY tutorial with washi tape on Youtube- something that would be simple to make, and will look like a million bucks! That’s when we found Jumpy Jess!
Jumpy Jess has some amazing Youtube DIY tutorials, but this tutorial of a DIY birthday card with washi tape- is our absolute favorite!

washi tape birthday card diy tutorial

In a short video Jumpy Jess shows just how easy it is to make a greeting card using washi tape!
In this DIY birthday card tutorial with washi tape, Jess uses blue color washi tapes, but the truth is- you can create amazing birthday cards with washi tapes in so many other colors!

Where to get colorful washi tape?

We found this unique seller on AliExpress that sells the most affordable washi tape packages of 10 colors per package– for less than $3!
Pink washi tape sets, purple washi tapes, washi tape that looks like a newspaper text, circles washi tape patterns, plaid washi tapes, dotted washi tapes, and so much more- all available in a click of a button!
(And if you’re worried about the quality of washi tape from China- just check out this seller’s 1500+ positive reviews to ease your mind!

Here are just some of the washi tape options available for you with this supplier of washi tapes and craft supplies:

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