Fall in Love with these Hand Painted Blank Card Sets

succulent greeting card set

While there are so many talented greeting card artists that make beautiful Thank you cards, Birthday cards, Sorry cards, and other cards with a specific designation in their graphic design… There are also unique artists who create art for their greeting cards- hand painting each card to look just like a miniature artisting painting.

hand painted greeting cards sets

Mountains & Trees painted greeting cards

In a special Etsy shop called ArtByAYeager you’ll find some beautiful hand-painted greeting cards, carrying out scenery photos- mountains, trees, filled with unique light from the stars above.
These special one of a kind greeting cards are hand painted by Alison Yeager, a middle school art teacher from Washington, USA.

Using craft paper, watercolor paint, colorful pens & unique ink, these greeting card sets are all painted by hand- one at a time, so each blank greeting card set is a one of a kind item.

Succulent & Cactus greeting cards

On top of those beautiful purple and turquoise sunsets over the mountains and forest areas, Alison also paints greeting cards with a bit more of a desert vibe to them- a single cactus in the desert sand.

These cactus greeting cards, are hopefully- a part of a growing collection in Alison’s shop- as they are definitely my favorite !
Warming up to the desert vibes and the cactus designs, Alison also created this one of a kind succulent greeting card set that is a simple must have card set – as it can be used for anything!

More unique art by Alison

Alison has a lot more to give than just painted greeting card sets. She makes unique jewelry, sells printable wall art, and makes the most special and calming wooden ornaments with watercolor paintings.
Visit her Etsy shop for more of her amazing and unique hand painted greeting cards and other artistic pieces, or follow her on Instagram– to get those beautiful and calming drawings straight to your feed!

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