Funny Birthday Marian Heath Greeting Cards

funny birthday card marian heath greeting cards

Marian Heath greeting cards (MHGC) have been a brand name for funny & humorous birthday cards since 1941. Mrs. Heath started her greeting card business in Wareham, Massachusetts, and the Marian Heath Greeting Cards business remained a family-owned business till 2002.
Marian Heath Greeting Cards has been owned for 12 years by various private equity companies, and in 2015 the business of these funny birthday cards was purchased by Viabella Holdings.

Where to get Marian Heath Greeting Cards?

Though so many years have passed, people are currently searching for places to find Marian Heath greeting cards, mostly for their grandparents & parents, who still remember the whimsical illustration style of Marian Heath, and see these cards as nothing short of a burst of happy nostalgy.

We’ve searched the web for the best places to find Marian Heath greeting cards for birthday… There are a number of people still holding vintage Marian Heath greeting cards made in the 80’s and sell them on eBay & Amazon… But one website that we found sells 7 Marian Heath Greeting Cards for birthdays- Paper Cards.

Marian Heath greeting cards for birthday from Paper Cards

There were 4 funny birthday Marian Heath greeting cards, illustrated by Mark Parisi, that we loved most from Paper Cards, and maybe- they will make for a perfect funny birthday card for someone you love:

Cat & Dog Marian Heath birthday card:

With a beautiful illustration of a cat and dog playing cards, and waging a bet, this illustrated birthday Marian Heath greeting card says:
“The winner gets to knock over a vase. The loser has to stand over the pieces looking guilty..”
With the inside of the card saying: Have a smashing birthday!

funny birthday marian heath greeting cards cat and dog

Pig & Bacon on the beach Marian Heath Birthday card:

This funny illustrated birthday card is one of our favorite Marian Heath greeting cards, with the pig telling his former pig friend turned bacon :
Maybe next time you’ll try a little sunscreen…
The inside of the card says: Hope your birthday sizzles!

Pig and Bacon on Beach Funny birthday card marian heath greeting cards

The Shoe Salesman Marian Heath birthday card:

This is one of the funniest New Year’s Resolutions we have ever seen- and a great way to make someone laugh on their birthday!
An illustration of woman explaining to a Shoe Salesman the type of shoes she needs:
This year’s resolution is to be the ideal weight for my height. What do you have with six-inch heels?
The inside of the card has a funny comeback to that, with a birthday wish:
Happy birthday to someone I look up to.

Shoe Salesman and Customer Funny birthday card marian heath greeting cards

Wagra Pills Funny Marian Heath greeting card:

Have you ever seen a wolf take his Wagra pills?
With the funny text on the front: Well, you’re excitable today…
And the back saying: Party your tail off! Happy birthday.
This is truly an epic illustrated Marian Heath birthday card!

Wagra Funny birthday card marian heath greeting cards

We also found this super cute photograph birthday card by Marian heath on Paper Cards:

Dogs peeking from the door Marian Heath birthday card:

Three cute little dogs, wearing sunglasses, and picking through the door- on the front of the card… What are they looking at?
The inside of the card explains:
“You’ve still got that youthful glow! Wait, maybe it’s all those candles. Either way, Happy Birthday!”

Dogs Peeking Around Door Birthday Card marian heath greeting cards

Go to Paper Cards to purchase your Marian Heath birthday card for a person you love & want to make laugh on their birthday!

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