Handmade Easter Bunny Card Designs- Easter Card Ideas

Personalised Handmade Easter Bunny Crochet Greeting Card, Cute Easter Card, Bunny Card, Religious Cards, Bunny Birthday Card

1 Month away from Easter- and the perfect time to start thinking about your Easter greeting cards, especially if you want to get some unique handmade Easter card ideas!
Handmade Easter cards are a special way to share the joys of Easter and the new spring- with the people you love most!

When is Easter 2020?

Easter 2020, both in the US and in the UK, is celebrated on Sunday, April 12.
On top of the general April 12th date, a lot of people who want to know when is Easter 2020 are looking for good friday and the Easter Monday bank holiday… Since Easter 2020 is on April 12, Good Friday for Easter 2020 is on April 10th, and Easter Monday bank holiday 2020 is on April 13th.

Handmade Easter Cards from Etsy

We’ve searched online for the best, and most unique, greeting cards for Easter, and found that the best place to get handmade Easter cards is Etsy!
Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, has some talented crafters that came up with unique Easter cards, with all kinds of wishes, messages, colors & styles! Ready to see them?

Easter bunny cards with Fluffy tails- by Elaine

One of the cutest Easter bunny cards on Etsy is from ElaineSmithPhotos shop, and it’s super adorable!
Silhouettes of bunny backs, with pompom tails, on a blank card to place your own personal Easter greeting message- in a variety of color combinations!
Check out this card, and more on ElaineSmithPhotos Etsy shop!

Handmade Easter Bunny card with Fluffy Tail Trio Easter Card

Handmade Easter card with Bunny ears by Jodie

This is simply one of the most adorable handmade Easter bunny cards we’ve ever seen- a simple Easter bunny card with bunny ears cut out, and a small dot + hairs in the middle that make the whole card into one cute bunny!
This sweet Easter bunny card can be personalized as a first baby card, with the baby’s name on it, and a choice of several cute pastel colors!
Check out JodieGaul Etsy shop for this Easter bunny card and more unique crafts!

Easter Bunny Personalised Card First Easter Card Cute Easter Card for Baby EASTER Card for kids Pop Up easter card

Crochet Bunny Easter Cards by Katie Rastall

Starting with a unique mixed-media Easter bunny card, Katie Rastall made this unique crochet Easter card- with a special crochet bunny on the card, and a simple Happy Easter greeting!
Visit Katie’s Shop – Boobellini to see this Easter bunny card & more!

Personalised Handmade Easter Bunny Crochet Greeting Card, Cute Easter Card, Bunny Card, Religious Cards, Bunny Birthday Card

Special Handmade Easter bunny card pop-up box by Sabrina

This is by far one of the most unique Easter bunny cards on Etsy- a special gift-box pop-up card, the perfect Easter bunny card for kids, or for grownups with a young and playful soul!
You can find this special pop up box Easter bunny card on ScrappyTailsCrafts Etsy shop, as well as more unique pop up boxes and card ideas!

Easter Pop Up Box Card, pop-up Easter card, handmade easter card with bunny, 3D Easter card for kid, Lawn Fawn Easter, Easter bunny card

Personalized Easter bunny card by Elise

Looking for a special Easter bunny card with a personalized name area? We got you covered! Check out ButtonBoxcards Etsy shop for this unique personalized name Easter card with a cute bunny illustration that will warm your heart!

Personalised Easter bunny card

Wooden Bunny Easter card by Tori

Happy Easter bunny card, with a special bunny shaped wooden plaque, attached on a field of green grass and flowers!
Visit Daisycatcards Etsy shop for this unique handmade Easter bunny card, and for a large variety of greeting cards, handmade, with various wooden shapes!

Easter Bunny Card - Handmade Keepsake Card, Luxury Card, Easter Card, Bunny Card, Easter Gift, Cute Card

Pack of 6 Easter bunny cards with buttons and pompoms by Lisa

Get a special set of 6 Easter bunny cards, handmade with buttons and pompoms, containing 3 designs (2 cards of each design) – a great way to get your Easter bunny cards this year- in a money-saving set that will bring a smile to your friends & family members!
Check out BouquetsandButtonsUK Etsy shop for this Easter bunny card set, and more!

Pack of 6 Easter cards Handmade Easter bunny cards handmade Easter cards multi pack

Looking for special printable Easter bunny cards to print at home?
Check out our post about 4 cute Easter bunny cards you can instantly download and print multiple times!

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