Happy Birthday Scratch Cards – Reveal Cards for Birthday Wishes

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One of the latest trends in the birthday cards industry, or even in the greeting card industry, is the birthday scratch card!
Holding a concealed message inside, these birthday scratch cards are great for sharing your birthday wishes, your plans for that person’s birthday, or even as a game card- scratching away fun (or sexy) things you can do together!

Happy Birthday scratch card with a destination

If you plan on taking your wife, husband, friend, or family member, on a trip for their birthday- there’s no better way to let them know that- than with a birthday scratch card!

Amy, the owner of WITHPUNS Etsy shop, has got some interesting birthday scratch cards with destinations, allowing you to surprise someone you love with a birthday trip they will never forget!
When you order a birthday scratch card from her shop, you fill in the details of the destination, as well as the name of the person who’s birthday you’re celebrating.

You can also fill in different destinations, write “My love” instead of a name, or have a total different wish than “Happy Birthday”, for example: Happy Anniversary.

Reveal your treat- Birthday scratch card

Another Etsy shop that has some unique birthday scratch cards is InkandFred! This shop has almost 200 cards, and more than 20 THOUSAND sales!! But, out of all their cards, we loved this birthday scratch card the most:

What to write in a Birthday scratch card?

In these cute birthday scratch cards from InkandFred, you can write so many things!
You can write that your birthday boy/girl is getting a new bike or a car… A trip to Disney World, a special massage, a bottle of fancy champaign, or the greatest gift there is… YOU!

Brown paper birthday scratch cards

If you’re looking for birthday scratch cards, with a bit more of a vegan/natural/eco feel to them, you should really check out NoodlePoodles Etsy shop!
With a variety of scratch cards for any purpose, NoodlePoodles has some interesting birthday scratch cards, revealing a surprising birthday treat- on a brown paper, with a brown envelope!

You’ll never guess what…

Show off a sweet birthday surprise with one of Paula’s birthday scratch cards saying- you’ll never guess what + the message inside the scratchy-heart!
These unique cards can be found on Paula’s Etsy shop, PAPRboutique, and they also come with your choice of envelope color! (a lovely nice touch, as most of the birthday scratch cards on Etsy come with a white or brown envelope!)

Happy birthday scratch card with balloons!

Studio Thirty Two UK truly brings the birthday cheer to their birthday scratch cards, with a special balloon scratch card with any message you want inside of it!

Where else to find birthday scratch cards?

If you want to check out more birthday scratch cards, or looking for a different occasion-card that a person can scratch and reveal a message- Etsy is truly the best place for that!
Beautiful scratch cards are available by the thousands, and with most of them having the option to change and edit the text per your needs- you can easily find a birthday scratch card and provide your own text to the card maker, and have it become the perfect anniversary scratch card, graduation scratch card, etc.

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