Printable International Women’s Day Cards

international womens day printable cards for wife

International Women’s Day is an important celebration day worldwide- to celebrate the women that matter most in your life-
Your mom, wife, girlfriend, boss, or best friend!
It’s customary to give women International Women’s Day cards on this day, as well as flowers or chocolates – to celebrate how sweet and beautiful they are!

When is International Women’s Day?

International women’s day is on March 8 (pretty soon, ey?)

International Women’s Day Cards

If you’re looking for International Women’s Day cards- we got you covered!
Our editor, Mey Aroyo, drew 2 beautiful illustrations of stylish women – a blonde classy woman, and a red-headed sassy woman- for you to find the right type of card for the women in your life!
Here are our two International Women’s Day cards for the women in your life: (check out these images to see the cards’ front and back sides.)

International Women’s Day card – Beautiful Woman

International Women’s Day card – Stylish Woman

Her International Women’s Day cards are printable cards you can simply download and print at home, on a normal A4 printer paper!
These International Women’s Day printable cards have a simple layout inside the printed page- that you can cut along the guidelines, and fold- to get your desired card!
The end result of the cards, cut & folded, would be a 5X7 inches card- the perfect card size to fit standard greeting card envelopes!

printable international womens day card foldable cards for women
printable international womens day card to print at home

Get these International Women’s Day Cards for the special woman in your life!
(click on the links below to get the card you want)

Blonde women- International Women’s Day greeting card
Red-headed women – International Women’s Day greeting card
More cards from our Shop!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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