Printable Watercolor Thank You Card Set of 5

printable watercolor thank you card set of 5

While there are some people who purchase a thank you card only when they need it- others prefer to have a small stock of ready-to-use thank you cards- just in case they will need a card! For that purpose- I made this cute watercolor thank you card set of 5 cards!

In this set, as you can see, you have 5 watercolor thank you cards with leaves, each card with a slightly different text, and a different watercolor leaf element. These Thank you cards can be used immediately- without you needing to wait for shipping!

Printable Thank you card set of 5

Printable thank you cards are absolutely the best!
Once you purchase them from a shop- you get the files of the cards- and can download them and print them as many times as you want!
You could use one card, print it 12 times to thank some friends for showing up to your party, or use different ones- up to you.

printable thank you card watercolor 5 by 7 inches

The cards come in PDF format- you simply print them in your home printer on a standard A4 printer paper!
Once printer, you’ll see a big page, with a square to cut in the middle, and fold after cutting- to get your very own 5X7 inch watercolor thank you card!

Check out this watercolor thank you cards set of 5 in my Etsy shop- The Greeting Owl! Browse through the shop for more unique printable greeting cards & wall art printables!

5 printable greeting cards thank you card set

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