Printable Zodiac Birthday Cards

12 printable happy birthday zodiac cards birthday card printables

One of the things we love most about Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, is the fact that they have so many amazing birthday cards! And not only do they have amazing happy birthday cards, but they also have printable birthday cards- meaning- you can purchase them, download them to your computer within a minute, and print them in your home printer!
You get a beautiful birthday card design, for 20% of the price of a regular birthday card, and you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail- it just comes to you directly as an instant download birthday card- that you can print on a regular A4 printer paper, or on a thicker paper – to create the perfect greeting card yourself!

aquarius zodiac printable birthday card

Printable Zodiac Birthday Cards

Wanting to do something a bit extra, we’ve designed 12 printable zodiac birthday cards for you to get and download- and give a friend based on their zodiac sign!

Our printable zodiac cards come in a special layout!
They were designed to fit A4 printer paper, and you get a PDF file that you can simply print at home!
Since A4 printer paper doesn’t fold directly into a greeting card size- we’ve created a file that comes with guidelines on where to cut the card to make it the size of 10X7 inches!
Once you cut it, all you have to do is fold it in half- and have the perfect 5X7 inches greeting card that fits into the standard greeting card size envelope!

Printable zodiac happy birthday cards with original illustrations

Our zodiac birthday card printables come with original illustrations, made by our editor, Maya Mey Aroyo.
These 12 illustrations of zodiac signs fit each zodiac sign, and come with a simple calligraphy Happy Birthday on the front of the card, while on the back of the card you’ll see the same zodiac illustration- smaller, accompanied by the dates of that zodiac sign, and 3 good attributes about this sign, as seen here below with our Aries birthday card printable:

These are simple- print, cut, and fold cards- that you can print at home, fold, and write your own birthday wishes inside the card!
OR- print them, and glue them as you fold them for a single card- double sided!

gemini printable birthday card zodiac printable cards

Here are some more of our zodiac card printables, with other zodiac sign illustrations:

If you liked these printable zodiac birthday cards- check out the full collection of birthday card printables in our Zodiac Birthday Cards section of our Etsy shop!

Looking for a good 5X7 inch envelope?

If you plan on printing your greeting cards at home, you might want to make sure you got some envelopes to place them in!
A quick search on Etsy led us to eFowCreations shop- a great shop to find unique colored smooth looking envelopes for your 5″X7″ greeting cards:

High Quality Envelopes to fit 5 7 Cards, Envelopes in Blush, Kraft, Navy, White Invitation Envelopes, Variety of Colours, Pack of 25

Happy Birthday- to all zodiac signs!

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