Top 6 Funny Anniversary Cards for Husband

Funny Anniversary Card for him husband annoy you for the rest of my life

Celebrating an anniversary with your husband? there’s are so many anniversary cards for husband you could find online-
Romantic anniversary cards for husband
Sexy anniversary cards for husband
Or our favorite- FUNNY anniversary cards for husband!

You’d be surprised just how many farting jokes you’ll find when you search for funny anniversary cards for husband on Etsy, alongside cards that simply celebrate the fact you stuck by each other, and that after all these years- you still love each other !

Check out our top 6 Funny anniversary cards for husband:

At #1 we have these cool card from ForCardsSake that comes with a love and a dish at the same time- for those husbands who make the most stinky farts- but you love them anyway!

Funny Anniversary Card for him husband

At #2 we have sort of the opposite card, as you know dang well- women also fart in a long term relationship! So, to celebrate that magical moment when you two are spooning and you fart on him, CuteEXE made this funny anniversary card for husband that is happy anniversary + sorry at the same time!

funny Anniversary card for husband sorry I fart on you

At #3 we have a surprising funny anniversary card for husband- merely celebrating the fact that after all this time- you still like each other!
Made by Sasha, the designer of CheekyZebraCardShop Etsy shop- simple, yet super cute, funny anniversary card for husband!

Funny anniversary card for husband yay we still like each other

#4 of our funny anniversary cards for husband list, is yet another one from ForCardsSake Etsy shop- for all you women who know you annoy the hec& out of your husbands- but you wouldn’t want to annoy anyone else!

Funny Anniversary Card for him husband annoy you for the rest of my life

#5 is dedicated to all of the SURVIVING husbands out there! Found at WWCardBoutique Etsy shop, this funny anniversary card for husband is a token of your appreciation to his surviving skills- for having survived YOU for another year!

Anniversary card for husband or wife, for him or her love card, Congratulations you survived another year with me as your wife

#6, last but not least, is a special card from Katie’s shop, DandySloth, that is an anniversary card for husband, with a subtle warning muahahaha!!!
For those sarcastic couples that make jokes about being sick of each other one day, although… You know… There’s a small truth to any joke!

still not sick of you Anniversary card for husband

These were out top 6 picks for funny anniversary cards for husband!
If you liked one of them- simply click on the shop’s link and discover more on that style, with prices, shipping rates, and more!
OR, if you think these funny anniversary cards for husband are nice- but you need something EXTRA- check out our blog post for SEXY anniversary cards for husband!

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