Upgrade Your Greeting Card DIY with these Thank You Sticker Sets

Upgrade Your Greeting Card DIY with these Thank You Sticker Sets

If you’re looking to upgrade your greeting card DIY- there’s no better thing than stickers!
Honestly, take a nice piece of thick paper, in any color, stick a thank you sticker on top of it- and you got yourself an instant thank you card!
You could also use thank you stickers and stick them on top of your thank you card envelope, or on a thank you present you give someone!
If you’re looking for some sweet simple text thank you stickers, Redbubble is a great place to find them!

multicolo thank you sticker set redbubble stickers for thanks greeting card stickers

However, most Redbubble sticker listings are just for 1 sticker!
Our editor, Maya Mey Aroyo, designed some nice Redbubble sticker sets for you, with colorful thank you stickers in matching styles – and one set with different styles all mixed together- so you could always find a good sticker for your thank you greeting card DIY !

Thank you sticker sets – how to get them?

If you liked any of these thank you sticker sets, you can find the direct links to them here below:
Tribal thank you sticker set in 4 colors
Thank you sticker set – 5 different styles
Thick graffiti style thank you stickers – set of 4
4 Thank you stickers with multi-color letters

Thank you cards from Redbubble

As Redbubble is a website that allows you to place the same design on several items, you could also find these designs on foldable greeting cards:

Click here to check out these thank you greeting cards.

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