What to write in a get well card to a coworker

What to write in a get well card to a coworker

Having a coworker that is sick or feeling low can bring us to want to help them feel better! However, when thinking about what to write in a get well card to a coworker- it’s important to show compassion, maybe a bit of humor, and not to be too insensitive.

There are several types of things to write in a get well card to a coworker, based on how much you want to write, what’s the situation, how close the two of you are, their role in your company, and how much humor you want to use!

What to write in a get well card to a sick coworker on a short sick leave at home:

  • Get well soon! The office is so boring without you!
  • Get better my dear, and get back to work- where you belong!
  • Out on sick leave? Me so jelly!!
  • I want to say ‘get well soon’, but our job is so boring- so use all the sick leave you can get!
  • Get well soon, the place can’t function without you!
  • Can you get better faster? I’m pulling double shifts!
  • Get well soon my dear! Or better yet- cough at me- so I can get sick-leave too!
  • Sick leave instructions- sneeze, take medicine, Netflix, sleep, repeat!
  • I don’t care how much free time you have now to catch up on (your favorite TV show)- when you get back- no spoilers!
  • I would visit you- but the boss got me working over time cause you’re out on sick leave! (Buy you a drink when you’re back?)
  • You being sick and at home made me realize you’re not just my coworker, you’re also my friend! Get well, and come back sooner, rather than later!

What to write in a get well card to a coworker in the hospital:

If you have a coworker in the hospital and you wish to make them a sweet little get well card- we are all for it! However, note that you need to consider how sick they are, how long they’ll be in the hospital, and how close you guys are- before choosing what to write your coworker in a get well card!

  • I heard you were in the hospital, and i just had to say… Save me some of those Jellos !! (JK, get better soon- we miss you at the office!)
  • Ohhhh the lengths you’ll go to to not come to work! (Kidding, feel better my dear!)
  • Was sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Mostly cause the office isn’t the same without you!
  • Get better soon my dear coworker, and back at work- where you belong!
  • Sorry I couldn’t come and visit you sooner, but some as$hole from the office got himself hospitalized and I’m swamped with work!
  • Hearing you were in the hospital made me realize- we’re not just co-workers, we’re friends.
  • Get well soon my dear, and don’t forget to close your robe when you’re walking around…
  • Being in a hospital is never easy… I hope you know we all miss you at work, and can’t wait for you to get better and come back! Take your time to heal, watch a lot of Netflix, eat many jellos, and get back to work when you’re all better!

We hope that you found these ideas of what to write on a get well card for a coworker- useful.
Remember- it’s not the message on the card that matters, nore the design… It’s the fact you took the time to show your appreciation and concern to your coworker that matters!

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